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Discover within Love, Energy, Awareness & Peace… Simply Shanti Meditation (SSM)
  • Simple, easy, effective and effortless

    You move the mind move within but you do not move
    And you are in Shanti Meditation SIMPLY

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  • Peace is your essential nature

    But when it is a matter of choice
    Choose PEACE (shanti) and you awaken to it, deep within YOU
    A gift of wisdom from our great masters

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  • SSM in 5 steps based on the teachings of great masters

    6000 years old tradition and teachings are now presented and available
    Validated, tested, experienced by our mentors, masters and Guru

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  • Inner peace, harmony, happiness, awakening

    Manage anxiety, suffering, sleep, anger, illnesses
    Improve memory, concentration, relationship
    Very effective for ADHD, PTSD, asthma, and more

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  • Educate and empower YOUTH

    Improves – memory, concentration Manage –
    anxiety, stress, peer pressure, violence Educate and empower
    with Inner peace, harmony and happiness

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  • SSM- YEP (Youth Educate Empower Program)

    Educate & empower YOUTH
    Improves – memory, concentration
    Manage –anxiety, stress, peer pressure, violence
    Educate and empower with Inner peace, harmony and happiness

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  • Motivation –performance -progress

    Let you awaken to inner space and add
    Creativity, inner peace, wisdom in the corporate

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  • SSM- WEP( Women Empowerment Program)

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  • Evolve first to create peace all around

    How amazing, I awakened to inner peace and realized that inner peace reflects in my family and relations. I resolved all my relationship issues

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  • SSM- PEEP( Prisoners Education and Empowerment Program)

    We are also human being
    I awakened to what I was before the crime
    Even in prison, I am now awakened to Inner peace

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  • SSM-HSP( Healthy Seniors Program)

    I am on earth because of you
    Let me return my seniors with
    Inner peace, harmony and happiness

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  • SSM- MTP( Military Transformation Program)

    For our safety and security
    Now Time to take care of our military
    They all need to be educated and empowered with tools, practices for Inner space
    To awaken to peace and manage their problems like PTSD, anxiety and more

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Let us evolve and help others evolve

Simply Shanti Meditation is an all-inclusive applied philosophy and practice/s that begins with learning, engagement, education, experiment & experience, evolution and transformation. It is a passive meditative practice that is easy, simple, effective and effortless. It brings silent transformation in life resulting in inner peace, happiness, creativity, love, compassion, harmony and optimum level of wellbeing. It is a celebration of life. It is the joy of conscious living. It's a natural state of being.
Let us evolve and help others to evolve.

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Relaxation & Peace

Know what Shanti Meditation is? PPT with audio 5min

Harmony & Happiness

Story of Shanti Meditation PPT with audio and video 7 min

Resilience & Relationship

33 years of changes transformation in people

Awakening & More

Are you ready for ART(awakening, realization and transformation) And Practice anytime and anywhere

Mentored by more than 50 masters in Himalayas and other parts of spiritual locations in India, and later initiated by a legend, Himalayan mystic, enlightened master, and a laughing Swami Laxman Das Avadhoota. He offers extremely simple, easy, effective programs and educate people all around the world. With deep contemplative study of religious, spiritual texts Supported by practical experience and combining the wisdom of formal education in psychology, physics, chemistry, he translates esoteric teachings in easy to learn, practice and experience. Read More...

Acharya Girish Jha , Mentor and Guide