Peace and Happiness (Awakening) Program


  • Prevention, management of current and potential problems of life.
  • Discovery of inner peace, harmony and happiness in life.
  • Awaken inner potential resulting in creativity, higher productivity and performance in personal and professional life.
  • Evolve and help others to evolve


  • Personalized programs based on texts, teachings of great masters aims at awakening inner potential.
  • Designed and delivered by master, who has been helping people for the last 35+ years.


  • Initial self-evaluation (non-medical) and self-assessment with master.
  • Understanding your nature to help find the program that is a right fit.
  • Weekly lessons / sessions with audio files delivered to your email after the practice.
  • Follow up with sharing of experiences, aids and barriers on the path. Personalization of practices.
  • Experiencing the change in mind and transformation.

Programs offered currently in groups and private sessions

  • Rest and relaxation practice
  • Guided meditation and stress management
  • Layman’s guide to relaxation, resilience and mindfulness
  • Retrain brain, release stress and restore well-being
  • Harmony and Happiness Program
  • Mindfulness Program
  • Mindfulness education
  • Relaxation, resilience and mindfulness
  • Self-awareness (managing day-to-day anxiety fatigue) program
  • Life transformation program
  • Shanti Meditation (Higher Mindfulness) program