What P.A.I.N. Do You Have?

  • P.A.I.N. includes all personal, professional, social and spiritual problems of human life. We help improve the quality of life, minimize the impact of illness and achieve well-being in people suffering from physical, psychological, and social disorders, including anxiety, stress, PTSD, ADHD, anger, depression, sexual issues, relationship issues, transsexual challenges.
  • Are you looking for a non-pharmaceutical approach to peace & well-being, using simple & effective solutions?
  • We can help you. We have worked with thousands of parents of Children/Teenagers (6 to 18), adults, individuals, groups and families.
  • We provide drugless, lifestyle changing tools, natural, simple, easy, conscious evolving practices and transformative techniques to help you awaken to peace, happiness, harmony, wisdom and truth.

How we experience this PAIN in life?

  • P – Pressure of something from outside or inside that causes physical, mental, emotional, social changes.
  • A – Anxiety. Any pressure causes anxiety. However, when pressure continues and resources deplete, anxiety continues and increases in life.
  • I – Intimidation. Continued pressure and anxiety intimidate us. It causes fears – fear of loss of wealth, possessions, love, relationship, job and much more…………..
  • N – Negative attitude/ expressions. When pressure, anxiety and fears work together in life, it expresses itself in negative attitudes, expressions, actions in persona, and professional, social lives.
  • PAIN disturbs the equilibrium in life. We experience loss of inner peace, calm, rest, happiness and wisdom. This leads to many illnesses, which we all are aware.

Kids/Youth Programs-Panic, ADHD, Stress

We do not treat illness. We awaken inner resources to heal, improve and manage. YOU receive the best tools and practices that instill focus, peace, self-awareness, happiness and joy

For professionals- Stress, anxiety, relationship problems

We guide you with simple and effective tools and practices to drop, dissolve and destroy stress and related problems. YOU empower yourself and use the practices as a companion in life.

For women- relationship & empowerment

We guide YOU, as to how to awaken the feminine power that changes yours and other lives around you. It is a unique program specially made for women

Physical pain, Asthma, GI Management Program

PAIN is the burning problems in life. YOU join and realize that how easy it is to improve, manage and dissolve illnesses in a non-pharmaceutical manner.