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Let’s Take a Journey

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 Let’s take a journey to self-discovery

  • Life is a journey and not a destination. Self-discovery is a journey to inner peace, love, health, harmony and happiness. We discover who we are. The subjective reality lies behind the veil of mind.
  • When mind moves outside, it creates the material world of time, space and events. Living in the objective world, mind forgets our true nature. This is the beginning of problems and sufferings in life.
  • When we start the journey of self-discovery, we move the mind inside. We break the habits and conditioning. We change the mind to change the brain. We discover inner peace and happiness.
  • The journey continues until one day we awaken to our true nature.


  • Rest, relaxation and reslilience program ( beginner’s mindfulness)
  • Self-awareness Program
  • PAIN management


  • Higher Mindfulness ( Shanti program-level—1 and 2)
  • Guided meditation and stress management
  • Personalized Pain management


  • Retrain brain, release stress and restore well-being
  • Specialized PAIN management
  • Shanti program-level-3-4-5
  • Teachings from 300 authentic texts for advance students

Advanced programs/ courses

  • Learning from the texts of eastern wisdom.

There are hundreds of texts passed on to us by great masters. These texts contain profound wisdom, how to bring about transformation in life.

  • Rest and relax within few minutes.
  • Raise energy.
  • Manage fatigue and restlessness.
  • Self-induce deep sleep and manage sleep disturbances.
  • Clear your mind, regain focus and enhance memory.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Restore metabolic health and homeostasis.
  • Shift autonomic balance to experience inner peace and happiness.
  • Decrease physical, emotional and mental pain.
  • Improve relationship and minimize conflicts.
  • Raise performance, productivity and creativity.

Discover true purpose
of your life

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