Pain Management Programs

Kids/Youth Programs-Panic, ADHD, Stress

  • We do not treat illness. We awaken inner resources to heal the distress, improve quality of life and manage the challenges caused due to problems.
  • YOU receive the best tools and practices that regains focus and raises self-awareness.
  • It discovers peace and happiness.

Physical Pain MGMT Programs

  • Beck pain, migraine, headache becomes chronic after 12 weeks. Brain creates pain-pathways in the absence of physical injury.
  • We offer life style changes tools, relaxation and mindfulness practices to help alleviate the pain and suffering.
  • We personalize the programs and practices

Women- Relationship & Empowerment

  • YOU explore the feminine power that manifests in wisdom, delight, peace and happiness.
  • It helps you to discover relationship with people around you.
  • It is unique program specially made for women.

Illness management programs

  • We have helped improve quality of life and minimize the impact of illnesses like asthma, diabetes, constipation, indigestion and many other disorders.
  • We offer personalized programs for each illnesses.

Face to face II online II Group

Face to face

Programs/ courses in NJ, PA and NYC on request within the radius of 25 miles from the East Brunswick office, NJ.

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By phone

Sign up and request for FREE consultation (linked to agilecrm)

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Personalized / group programs designed and delivered through skype/ business hangout.

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