Personal Well-Being – Training And Mentoring

YOU are important because we start the journey with self-assessment of PAIN in your personal, professional, social and spiritual lives and continue the journey to awakening to inner peace, well-being, prosperity and success in life. We offer tailor made program and customize it as you progress and change your life.

Group Well Being – Training And Mentoring – Family, Friends,Peers

The group well-being is the most sought after program where we share together the problems and pains in life and start the journey with tailor made programs and practices. We customize the practices, which are highly effective after 3 sessions followed by follow-ups and feedbacks. Based on the group we support managing common illnesses (PAIN).

Professional – Corporate Well-Being

You inquire about specific problems and PAIN in your organization related to
performance, productivity, motivation, attitude, behavior, values and other factors. We design, customize and deliver the program with practices that are easy, simple and effective at work place. After learning, employees take the practice home and with self-evaluation kit to evolve and help others to evolve.

Let’s Take A Journey To Change

Simply Rest And Relaxation Program

  • The program is based on applied philosophy, discovered by great master, a (16)who lived 3500 years ago. It consists of 2 main practices with 10 different personalization to maximize the benefits.
  • The duration of the practice range from 7-15 minutes either in regular/ online session that lasts for 30 minutes or more after initial evaluation.
  • Everyone can join this program as teacher customizes the practices based on requirement and level.
  • The benefits includes deep conscious rest and relaxation, improving wellbeing, helping conditions of anxiety, stress, fatigue, sleep disturbances etc.
  • You can try basic practice of Simply Rest and Relaxation Program – Start Free Relaxation practice

Self-Awarness Program

Acharya Girish Jha in Arizona4

  • The simple but powerful program brings synergy of body, brain, breath and mind with clarity of goals in life.
  • A unique program with 5 -customized practices, simple, active and energetic and effective for everyone from the age 10 and above. It also includes Simply Rest and Relaxation Program.
  • The duration of the practice range from 10-30 minutes either in regular/ online session that lasts for45 minutes or more after initial evaluation.
  • Everyone can join this program as teacher customizes the practices based on requirement and level.
  • When many people, may be like YOU do not respond to the Simply Rest and Relaxation Program, this program shows great results.
  • Many people with chronic stress and problems needs more than Simply Rest and Relaxation program. It involves active steps that helps stimulates brain, raise energy, enhance awareness and induces inner calmness.

Workshops & Intensive

  • Attend specialized workshops or ask us to design and deliver workshopOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAto YOU and your family and group.
  • When YOU suggest us, to design and deliver a program based on your expectations and problems, YOU receive Intensive to bring about the fast change in your life.
  • We offer Well-being ( positive ), PAIN management ( includes problems of personal, physical life and more) intensives

Life Transformation Program– Awaken Inner Potential/ Mental Well-Bein25G


  • The purpose of this program is to guide you to move from PAIN (includes all problems of anxiety, personal and professional worries, relationship issues etc.) to PEACE (inner calm, peace, happiness, creativity, wisdom, love) to PROSPERITY (inner and outer by means of goal setting, self-development, self-evaluation, self-evolution). It includes the best resources, tools and techniques that is customized weekly for maximizing the results.
  • Those who are seeking personal, professional, and social development, management of their problems that are multifold, clarity in life, can enroll for the program.
  • We offer 10 levels of self-assessment, 10 practices that are customized and given depending on the level and need of the individual clients. It is highly effective and empowering program for everyone seeking peace, prosperity and success in life
  • Manages life and life problems. Improves well-being, professional life and relationship, clarity, dignity, hope. Raises skills, creativity, peace, self-awareness and wisdom. Awakens to inner peace, happiness, contentment and higher consciousness to succeed in life.