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Complementary mindfulness and wellness approach to manage physical, mental challenges.

Mind to Mindfulness to
Inner Peace

12.5 (5 weeks -2.5 hrs. weekly for 5 weeks) hours program –group –personalized practices based on the eastern wisdom


Corporate Stress management
by applied mindfulness

Reduce anxiety, overcome fatigue, improve performance, manage physical pain & live in peace and happiness


Higher meditation/
mindfulness Reduce anxiety

According to eastern wisdom*, stress comes from ignorance of mind not from your spouse, boss, children, parents etc.


Warrior’s guide to
opening heart to love,

The program is an experiential learning, engages participants to acquire knowledge of the principles of eastern wisdom,


Corona Challenge -
Let us Evolve Together

An online workshop preventing problems caused by isolation and discovering inner peace, happiness, and wisdom.


Excellence Program

We help young managing stress, achieving well-being and discover inner peace, compassion, happiness and harmony.


Mind to Mindfulness to
Inner Peace

Learn simple and easy steps to relax within fewminutes. Educate and empower your mind to induce relaxation anytime

Overcoming Addiction

A new and unique approach to drug de addiction, relapse prevention and restoring well –being. When we discover

Pain Management

About 75 million Americans endure chronic or recurrent pain. People spend more than $50 b annually. Dr. Matthew says, ‘there is

Shanti Meditation – Beginners

Simple, easy and effective method to relax, overcome fatigue & pain.
Personalized practices helps remove

Guided Meditation

Learn simple and easy steps to relaxwithin few minutes. Educate and empower your mind to inducerelaxation anytime

4-Step Relaxation Mindfulness

It is simple and easy steps to rest and relax within few minutes. Anyone can do this practice, anytime of the day. It takes

Retrain the Brain

Manage stress, suffering in life. Achieve well-being. Awaken to inner peace and happiness How program works?

The Eight-fold path of Mindfulness

Learn Buddha and great masters passed on the wisdom to people to live in peace, happiness, love and wisdom. Discipline

Mantra Mudra mala Awakening

The job related stress causes many interpersonal, physical, mental, and emotional challenges in life.

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