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Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for Excellence, Performance, Happiness & Evolution.

Career and Life Coach from eastern wisdom

A unique program supported by personalized practices, life principles, self-evaluation, weekly follow up.

The source and inspiration

Eastern wisdom is 6000 years old, supported by 3000 teachers, texts and teachings aims at excellence in personal, professional, social lives.

The goal of life and goals in life made clear by simple, easy, effective principles and practices .

Why this program?

Learn how to engage, educate, empower, and evolve the mind to set your life on track.

How program works?

Talk, Training, Tips and Technique are four steps in every session for 60 minutes.

Who can join?

Anyone looking for excellence in career, personal, and social lives.

Departure ( problems) to Arrival point ( solutions)

  • 5 Levels of self-evaluation to discover departure point causing blocks, problems to arrival point to goal of life and goals in life.
  • 5 steps to change -engage, educate, empower, evolve, and enlighten aims at peace, prosperity within and success.
  • Digital delivery of files of Talks & Personalized practices every week in your email

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Topics – learning, practice and experience

  1. Why and how mind is the cause of suffering and success in life?
  2. What and how to discover goals in life and goal of life to clear garbage in the mind?
  3. How to drop and dissolve false notions from life causing fear, anxiety, duality, and suffering?
  4. How to live and work in relaxation, calm, creativity, concentration to tread the path of peace, success, and inner prosperity?
  5. Overcome fatigue, improve sleep and focus.
  6. How to set Agenda for daily life leading to success in life?

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