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Complementary mindfulness and wellness approach to manage physical, mental challenges.

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Kids and Youth services

  • Withdrawal & agitation
  • Losing self-esteem
  • Anger and aggression
  • Peer pressure, relations and addiction
  • Lack of focus, rejecting education and low performance
  • Challenges making friends
  • Improving performance in school
  • Helping kids/youth to evolve to become a good person in life
  • Bed wetting, negative dreams, fears issues

Relations & marriage challenges

Relations & marriage challenges

  • Relationship lessons
  • Divorce challenges and problems
  • Single parenting and self-development
  • How to survive and evolve separation
  • Loneliness, emotional upsets in relations
  • Nagging spouse and infighting

Work place challenges

Work place challenges

  • Lack of appreciation of hard work, dissatisfaction at workplace
  • Difficult boss and challenging sub ordinates
  • Fear of losing job and uncertainty about future employment
  • Over work, over fatigue at work
  • Change thought, speech and action to survive workplace politics
  • Communication challenges at work and fears
  • Work-life balance program
Sudden withdrawal in Adolescents

Sudden withdrawal in Adolescents

  • Does your son avoid going out for social activities with school or family?
  • Does your daughter prefer to limit herself within her room rather than going out and playing in the evening?
  • Are your child’s teachers constantly complaining about your child because of his minimal interaction in class and low grades?
  • Children who start withdrawing themselves from their environment may feel misunderstood, irritable, worthless, or hopeless.
  • While it is normal for a child to begin to pull away from his/her parents and identify more with peers as he/she reaches adolescence, social withdrawal from friends and peers may be a sign of something more.

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