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Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for Excellence, Performance, Happiness & Evolution.

Higher Meditation/ Mindfulness Reduce Anxiety, Overcome Fatigue & Discover Peace

Personalized practices based on the eastern wisdom supported by science

According to eastern wisdom*, stress comes from ignorance of mind not from your spouse, boss, children, parents etc. When we awaken to inner peace and happiness, stress leaves us free.

Why this program?

  1. The job related stress causes many interpersonal, physical, mental, and emotional challenges in life.
  2. Lack of performance, sickness absence, loss of man days adversely affects overall corporate health.
  3. Learn from the teachings of the masters who discovered it, during 6000 years.

How program works?

The program is an experiential learning, engages participants acquire knowledge of the principles of eastern wisdom, followed by small and easy practice, sharing of experiences.

How the program is different?

You learn from the teachings of the great masters who discovered mindfulness 6000 years ago.

Every session is interactive, conscious journey and free from cult, dogma, belief and religion.

You learn to remove barriers that blocks the progress, and educate the mind that hasten the perfection.

Who can join?

Anyone who is seeking peace, happiness, Well-being, and complementary approach to overcome addiction / dependence from drugs, alcohol, and other social abuses.

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Topics – learning, practice and experience

  1. Meditation begins when mind replaced with real-self.
  2. Four pillars of conscious evolution / meditation.
  3. Four fundamental questions from wrong to right notion.
  4. Tools, steps and devices used by great masters to succeed in meditation based on the level of students.
  5. How mind is created? Why mind causes the stress? Four functional aspects of mind.
  6. Mantra - types- practices - goals and awakening.
  7. Mala - Mantra- guided practices - inner peace.
  8. Prana and Desire causes the mind to exist. How to use Prana - Mudra - Mantra to progress in meditation?.
  9. Why desire is created by mind? Why end of desire leads to meditation.
  10. Three principles that help you succeed in meditation /mindfulness.

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