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Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for Excellence, Performance, Happiness & Evolution.

Retain the Brain, Release Stress & Discover Inner Peace & Happiness

The program is based on teachings of masters and texts of eastern wisdom, includes Kundalini, Mantra, Laya meditations.

More than 100 customized practices to suit everyone

Why this program?

  • Manage stress, suffering in life
  • Achieve well-being
  • Awaken to inner peace and happiness

How program works?

We start with brief talk on the principles of eastern wisdom, followed clear understanding of steps, and guided practice followed by sharing of experiences.

How the program is different?

Because our goal is to introduce the teachings of masters who discovered these practices, you receive the teachings free from cult, dogma, belief, religion etc.

Who can join?

Anyone who is seeking peace, happiness, to resolve relationship challenges and professional stress. People seeking clear understanding of traditional wisdom will find it highly rewarding.

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Topics – learning, practice and experience

  1. Play of Shiva- Shakti is the basis of existence.
  2. Why should we start Kundalini-meditation with right intention?
  3. Why do desires create stress and pain? How to transform the mind?
  4. What are three main steps to retrain the brain and achieve well-being?
  5. Why relaxed and poised pose is essential in awakening to inner peace? How to do it?
  6. Does awakening the potential power retrain the brain? How it helps to achieve well-being.
  7. What are the obstacles on the path of Kundalini Meditation? How to remove them.
  8. What is awakening in meditation? What happens to mind?
  9. What is the relationship between Prana and mind? How they transform the brain?
  10. How do breath practices help to achieve well-being, peace and manage common illnesses? How do they influence the brain and mind?
  11. Overcome fatigue, and improve sleep
  12. Applying mindfulness in daily life
  13. How does does the kundalini meditation help in achieving well-being and inner peace?

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