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Warrior’s Guide to opening heart to love, awareness peace and wisdom

Discover your true nature and live in peace and happiness

Warrior's Guide Program fundamentals

  • Manage PAIN- addiction, trauma, anxiety, anger, frustration etc.
  • Drop, dissolve and destroy —attachment, illusion, cravings
  • Achieve well-being (prevent, promote, progress) — live in peace, happiness, love and wisdom.
  • ART awaken, realize and transform
  • Work on mind to live with it but do not allow it live within

Discover your true nature

  • Love within
  • Peace within
  • Surrender to happiness
  • The existence is always with us – discover within

How Warrior's Guide Program Works?

The Warrior's Guide Program is an experiential learning, engages participants to acquire knowledge of the principles of eastern wisdom, followed by small and easy practice, sharing of experiences.

How the program is different?

  • You learn from the teachings of the great masters who discovered mindfulness 6000 years ago.
  • Every session is interactive, conscious journey and free from cult, dogma, belief and religion.

Practices and techniques

  • Mantra meditation
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Relaxation practices
  • Synergy practice
  • Self-awareness practices and more

Get ready to overcome addiction now

  1. Learning from your experiences. Knowledge, desire and action or karma
  2. How you qualify yourself to discover your true nature?
  3. What is mind? How mind is created?
  4. How impure mind leads to stress? Why desire create stress in life?
  5. Three principles that helps you succeed in relaxation and mindfulness
  6. How mind creates stress and discovers peace?
  7. Eastern wisdom and science on stress and its management? Ignorance vs wisdom, right vs wrong perception.
  8. Is there an existence higher than the mind? Can we know it?
  9. Why we meditate? What is the goal of meditation?
  10. Mind and journey to meditation to awakening.
  11. What is real-self? How can we understand the nature of self?
  12. Understanding the real-self through examples?
  13. Overcome fatigue, and improve sleep
  14. Applying mindfulness in daily life

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Topics – learning, practice and experience

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness -
  2. Mindfulness – definition , meaning and practice
  3. How to move from wrong thinker to right thinker?
  4. What are the qualifications to succeed in the discovery of inner peace and happiness?
  5. Three principles that helps you succeed in relaxation and mindfulness
  6. Why your brain needs idle time to rest and relax
  7. The recipe for success in practicing rest and relaxation before mindfulness
  8. "Mindfulness is not for me" In fact - everyone can practice it. Really!
  9. The power of mindfulness
  10. Simple steps to practice mindfulness
  11. Practice mindfulness to manage anxiety at work
  12. Practice mindfulness to induce deep sleep
  13. Hints for success and overcoming barriers
  14. Using mindfulness in daily life.
  15. Maximize your opportunity to find peace and happiness
  16. The power of mindfulness. Feel and understand it through simple practices.
  17. When mindfulness begins, you are more than the body and the mind
  18. Discover what does not change in life
  19. Educate the mind to be mindful
  20. Mindfulness is not paying attention
  21. From delusion to dispassion is mindfulness
  22. Feel the benefits of mindfulness
  23. Learn from experience and awaken to wisdom
  24. Mindfulness is exploring the self
  25. Live in the world but world not within

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